Días de Lluvia EP

by My Light Shines For You



Disponible ya en VENTA ANTICIPADA
CD digipack limitado 150 copies


released March 9, 2015

my light shines for you son:

mai - voz, bajo
jean - voz, guitarra
cristian - guitarra
khan - batería



all rights reserved


Federación de Universos Pop Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Green Bicycle Girl
i can’t believe what happened to me today / i’m still thinking it was a dream / when I saw her my heart started beating too fast / i’m lost and trapped inside her eyes

i saw her today on the city / riding on her cute green bicycle / and I don’t want to be alone again / i’ll follow her with my bike to the stars

and I hope this is not a dream / i want she stay with me / she is my cute green bicycle girl

when she rides she stole my heart / i want to make her mine / she is my cute green bicycle girl
Track Name: Why?
if you want to be with me / just close your eyes and let me see / if you are the only one / to put my smile inside your heart

tell me, why do you have to split my heart in two? / tell me, why my soul feels so divided?
Track Name: Gloomy Days
i've had enough / of black clouds raining over me / i've had enough / using you as excuse of my misery

my eyes got a grey ray vision / being a victim is taking me to perdition

and im so tired now / i feel so tired then / and im so tired again

no more gloomy days for me / cause i shed so many tears / the rain is over now im free

now i want to find you soon / now i dream to be with you / you will hold me tight / in the middle of this bluish night

and we will shine.... together

no more gloomy days / now my heart is healed / I’m ready to love again
Track Name: Last Page
i drew a comic book for you / you know that im silly but im nerdy too / the story is a about you and me / and how we fight together to defeat our fears

now im alone, alone and cold / my heart goes black and white /
please come here, and draw with me / oh! Betty i want to be your Archie

cause through ink and pens / i can’t give you a.... kiss

(oh! Helga i want to be your Arnold)

DREAMIN' that you will put the color to my pages / DREAMIN' that you will keep your promise to the end

my lights are shining for you / the stardust is the witness
/ i love you and i can't help myself

and don't worry about the time / i will wait you forever / cause im saving for you....

my last page
Track Name: Little, Little
i’m hidden in a cup waiting for you / in the kitchen of my heart / and then i looked, through the glass to see you there / to know who you really are

and when i see you / i get freeze and i don't know what to do / i want to show you that my feelings are true blue / but i can't do this ‘cause i don’t have the guts / to go in front of you and say “i like you so much”

it’s ‘cause i’m too shy / and i can't tell you what i feel... / i’m just a little little mouse that runs away / from the kitty kitty cat...

and i’m slow, not like the stupids / who what to stay with you / i want to hold your hand / and give my heart to you

but i can’t do this cause i don’t have the guts / to go in front of you and say “i think im in love (with you)